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  • What WWF is doing

    Learn more about what WWF is doing on wildlife and climate change.

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  • WWF Adapt

    These are a series of interactive online courses on climate change and adaptation that are designed specifically for those interested in environmental conservation. These courses use simple, non-technical language to explain concepts that are often confusing for students and professionals alike. The site also offers instructions and materials for engaging participatory activities that are great for the classroom. Courses are available in English, Spanish and Russian

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  • Literature review database

    In collaboration with IUCN, WWF has undertaken a comprehensive literature review on how human responses to climate change are impacting biodiversity.

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  • Climate Crowd powerpoint presentation

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  • Mobile Airtime Request

    If you are a Peace Corps volunteer who has been actively engaged in Climate Crowd, please feel free to request mobile airtime credit using the form linked below. 

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